The Customer Journey Map is your strategic roadmap to success.

Whether you’re looking to implement a Marketing CRM or have already purchased one, to ensure it creates an amazing experience for your clients the Customer Journey Map is your strategic roadmap to success.

Stand out from the crowd by exceeding client expectations

68% of marketing leaders say their company is increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience (according to Salesforce from state of the sales report).

And it can take up to 7-8 touchpoints to convert a lead into a client; by mapping out this process and aligning it with our ACE system you can easily identify the gaps.

Pinpoint the priorities to help you get better leads and close more sales

It can often be difficult to decide on what to prioritise from your marketing plan, but once your customer journey has been mapped out, it helps you focus on the items which will make the biggest impact.

Spend time on the activities which will give you the greatest return on your investment

It can be difficult to carry out sales and marketing activities when you’re using disparate systems or teams are working in silos. And if you’re looking to understand which leads are converting into sales, it can take a lot of work to analyse and get the information needed, which is an unnecessary headache!

Peace of mind that you’ve got the tools to take your sales & marketing to the next level

If you’re looking to grow, marketing automation is key, there is so much choice out there, knowing which one is right for your business can be difficult. Most businesses don’t stop and actually review the tools to help their business scale and grow.

And if they do it’s done in isolation so you’ve got different tools across the business. To connect everything together can be time consuming. In your Customer Journey session, we map out your existing technology and identify the technology needed to align with your existing systems.

Dont take our word for it – here’s what our clients say

Initially I was looking for someone to help with email marketing and was fortunate enough to connect with Bushra from BKS consultancy. During our first video meeting I picked up some valuable bits of advice so had every confidence working with BKS would be beneficial to my online marketing business. Bushra produced and talked through a customer journey planner covering every step a customer would take which has been so useful now and working into the future as it clearly highlights all moving parts of the sales cycle.

Daniel Clarke


Bushra became a dedicated partner to our business. She proved adaptable and committed. She is impeccably professional. We are very grateful for her advice and hard work

Jamie Ounan

Inner Circle Consulting

Very friendly, responsive service. I engaged BKS to create a new website and CRM system for my business. From the start they were enthusiastic and engaged and guided me through the process. They proved a good structure to the process and helped me make informed decisions along the way. The training on both the website and the CRM was comprehensive and I feel a lot more confident in my ability to keep my website updated and use my CRM to support my business. Would definitely recommend !

Faith Ramsay

My Country Garden

The ACE system

Your Bespoke Customer Journey Map will map out the process of the complete client journey, using our three step ACE system which is then further broken down into nine stages.


Firstly we map out the different ways you’re getting leads into your marketing funnel. We’ll also look at some additional ways to increase lead conversions into you business.


Only a small percentage of clients buy from the first interaction. It can take up to seven touchpoints to convert them, so having a process in place to nurture and convert clients is important.


Clients are your most valuable asset but often a systemised process is not in place to onboard and provide an exceptional experience.

One high-level Customer Journey Map overlaid with the technology you need to systemise and scale as your team and business grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next?

We’ll be in touch to have an initial chat, once we have all the information we need we’ll map out a high-level overview of your client’s journey and the systems used. We’ll then schedule a session to go through the document with you. Then we’ll go through the recommendations in a follow-up session.

What is the structure of the call and how long is it?

The call is between 60-90 minutes, we go over your existing challenges, your client journey, the services you offer and the technology you use. We will have already drafted out a journey from the pre-questions and we adapt your customer journey on the call.

How many people can be on the call and what video calling service do you use?

The call is via Zoom and you are more than welcome to invite multiple people across your team onto the call, but the invite is only sent to the person booking the call.

Will the session be recorded?

That’s your choice, we can record the call if you would like and share the recording afterwards.

What if I need more calls for this?

After the Customer Journey session if you have any tweaks we provide email support for one month to finalise your customer journey.

How is the final document supplied?

We supply the document as a PDF and PNG, it is not editable once finalised, unless you purchase ongoing support.

What if I don’t want to implement new technology or automate?

That’s fine, you will be able to use the Customer Journey Map regardless of whether you decide you need a Marketing CRM. It is a great way to visually see where you need to focus your efforts across your existing client journey.

What happens after the Customer Journey Roadmap?

If you need a Marketing CRM/Marketing Automation system we would normally recommend the best fit for your business. It is your choice on whether to purchase this.

From the gaps identified, we would recommend what areas to focus on to create a frictionless client journey, which you can then start to implement across your business. We may also recommend tools we use ourselves (we may get a small commission, this does not impact the price you pay and we may even be able to get you better pricing)

We can also help create more detailed customer journeys to map out the planning before building out these journeys in any system.

We have our Ask the Experts service and YouTube channel if you need additional support.

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